Living room furniture made in Italy (LOUNGE)

The peculiarity of this elite interior is every object. Everything from huge chandelier to furniture’s accessories from the beginning is chosen from catalogs according to designers” drawings. Here you have to find the golden mean – to think of such a composition that will not damage your own comfort and will not be damaged by gloves thrown on the piano or the “not there” cup.

For the lounge in “classic” style to look convincingly and impressively, you need Italian elite furniture. You do not have to go to Europe to choose and order. Now all the questions related to contacts are solved by our company.

The customer has only to choose from the catalog the models that interest him, to concretize the sizes, and we will personally negotiate with the producer. Our part assumes the responsibility for verifying the delivery and checking the integrity and completeness of your order before shipment.

The lounge, first of all, is a place of rest. Here, it is necessary to achieve not only impressive design solutions but also comfort. It is important not only how beautiful and expensive the furniture is, but also how practical, convenient and efficient.


The word “Luxury” in the vocabulary of people living means a class, a certain style, a product premium level. If we talk about the models produced by the best factories in Italy, we talk about perfect quality, stylish design and exclusive solutions. The creative approach here is bordering on conservatism.

What do we propose?

  • Tables and chairs for guests;
  • Comfortable armchairs;
  • Mirror tables, consoles, chests;
  • Elegant cupboards and buffets for dishes.


We organize direct deliveries of elite class furniture. These products demonstrate the achievements of the European interior design over the last two -three hundred of years. This is an excellent solution for decorating the villa, private house or holiday home.

If you still have no idea how to decorate the lounge, our collaborators are ready to consult you. We also sell articles, custom-made items.


The classic interior created by this collection will be very practical. But he will keep the elegance and subtlety inherent of the classic style.

Italian furniture without intermediaries – ELITE MOBILI !!!