Italian ceramic tiles – art deco style

Italy is famous for its red clay deposits, from which the ceramic tiles and ceramic articles are made, in general. According to historical data, the ceramics appeared a long time ago, and the Italy played an important role in its production. One of the first models of ceramic tiles was found in this country and the researchers have attributed it to the IX th century. Namely, here the ceramic tiles have begun to be produced on an industrial scale. In Europe, one of the types of ceramics, majolica, reached only in XIV century. Besides the numerous clay deposits for producing this façade material – ceramic tiles, Italy is very rich in natural stone. This material is used to send to ceramic tiles an unusual texture.

This type of tiles enjoys success because it resembles to natural material. Italian tiles are distinguished by a special uniqueness. Many Italian factories produce nominal collections. These products are hand-made and are destined for the connoisseurs of beauty.

  • Quality cover tiles of the floor today are no longer considered budgeting. The mosaic, imitation of animal skins, ethnic styles, subject panels – all these can be on your floors. For an ancient interior can be used the sandstone, which imitates marble.
  • The floor from natural marble is suitable not only in ancient interior, and also in the rooms decorated in the “modern” style; the marble can be beige, gray, on its background will look splendid blue or purple furniture, WENGER or ZEBRANO furniture, but only in large rooms.

Ceramic tiles inside can become a stylish accent in a variety of settings – antique panel in bathroom, sanitary unit of “leopard” or purple, “wood” kitchen in a set of tiles that imitates the texture of the wood, white floor in the hall, contrast paint on the kitchen floor and loggia. The modern Italian producers give freedom to the designer’s fantasy producing tiles designed for owners of apartments with refined taste and high requirements toward room styling.

As a floor covering, the ceramic tiles are very functional – durable, wear and moisture resistant – is the choice of the owners not only styled but also practical that did not plan to change this interior over many years. A unique requirement for the installation of ceramic tiles – is the surface that must be perfectly straight. Usually, most of the buyers do not have enough experience and knowledge to choose the material, color, size, and quantity. However it would be superfluous to differentiate true from false material, which also requires experience. If you are unsure about the choice of ceramic tiles and want to be consulted about the choice, fitting, sandstone and faience care, etc, please contact the professionals.

The specialists of Elite-Mobili Company will be glad to help you choose this important finishing material, like sandstone and faience. Italian tiles are an excellent option to create an unrepeatable style. We offer you a wide range of ceramic granite and élite ceramic tiles from Italy. They are the best design and traditional solutions of high quality. Ceramic tiles and ceramic granite of high quality from the most popular Italian brands are the most demanded and popular among buyers. Italian tiles are exclusive; collections are made by the best European distributors.

  • In the living room, lounge and restroom;
  • For kitchen;
  • For bathroom;
  • For decorating the balcony, the veranda;
  • For those who appreciate individuality, the best choice for ceramic finishing will be the products of factories in the assortment of which there are no collections in a large number.

Each plate is produced manually, which makes it exclusive and an expensive decoration. The faience is unique. Its design is being developed for each particular case. Only in this way we can produce a unique and exclusive article. And the combination of faience and additional decoration elements is also ideally suited for creating interiors.

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