Children’s bedroom furniture made in Italy

The interior design of the children”s rooms has to be carefully thought, to the smallest details, still at the design stage: from color to furniture and decoration. Often, by counting the room size, placing the furniture and taking into account all the dependencies and forms of time-spent by the child, the parents organize a comfortable work place, a soft podium or a decorative scene for games, a sport place with rings and metal gymnastic wall bars, place the closets for clothes, toy storage modules and also provide a place for creation.

How Should Be the Children’s Room Furniture?

We propose models in the “modern” style. They look splendid; they are made of quality materials, correspond to contemporary standards. Italian designers and producers know for sure what comfort is. Orthopedic qualities for beds are provided.

Particular attention is paid to the ecological safety of decorative and beaded materials. The interior design of the children”s room involves the use of:

  • Solid wood;
  • Natural fabrics;
  • Paper wallpapers;
  • Hypoallergenic paints.

At purchase, you need to convince yourself that the products are certified. Elite Italian furniture without intermediaries for children’s room  – it”s beautiful, stylish and lasting. When making furniture, they are using only safe materials for children. No cheap plastic and low quality impregnation.

Our activity began about 10 years ago. During this time, thousands of customers became owners of Italian firm products.

In addition to the models ready in our catalogs, we offer custom-made sets. We will design the project for you, or we will use the one you have submitted.

The goods are checked before shipment. Our foreign partners guarantee that each model of the product will be verified before it is delivered to the customer.

Italian furniture direct delivery – ELITE MOBILI !!!