Doors made in Italy – modern style

The main direction of our activity is the Italian furniture without intermediaries, but the catalog also presents other elements of decorating the rooms, as well as quality and safe doors. They, like the other products from this section of the site, are made in the “modern” style. This style in interior design combines the simplicity and fineness of the shapes.

Interior Doors from Italy

One of the most popular types of products is interior doors. They may have a simple or decorative aspect. Doors also differ in the type of used equipment.

In the minimalist interior better fit the models with smooth surfaces, without decorations. Gray or black models will fit best.

The door is an important element of any interior. For those who appreciate fashionable and non-standard solutions, for those who are tired of the similar models, with the same colors or wood design, we offer you the option of a hidden door.

Like furniture, these items can be made of different materials, natural and artificial. But in any case it will be a qualitative and pure ecological product certified according to European standards.

The range of colors is varied:

  • White or black monotone models;
  • Light and dark veneer, under different species of wood;
  • Contrast drawings;
  • Gray and metallic shades;

The surface may be straight and smooth, or textured. Also are used decorative applications of different shapes.

Doors for Office and for Cabinet

We offer you the direct delivery of doors for offices with different designs from Italy. They can be simple and double, with leaves, on rails, etc. The choice depends on room planning and dimensions, positioning of design elements and other parameters. You will easily find the right color and shape and sizes will be made according to your requirements.

Ordering and Delivering

We perform sale of Italian brands according to current catalogs. It is enough to choose the model, to pay the cost, and we’ll do the rest. Elite Mobili in Italy performs pre-shipment verification.

When you choose interior doors, you need to draw attention on some important technical aspects. First of all, you need to check the dimensions that would fit for the apartment. It is important to decide how the door will open, to the left or to the right, i.e. where the handle will be and in which direction it will open. In the kitchen and bathroom it would be good to have a model that opens outwards, taking into account the small size of the room and security. In the other rooms we choose the option according to your wishes, taking into account the practical aspects (for example, the dimensions and positioning of the gaps, the furniture interval). You can send us the dimensions and the height of the gaps or the design / the project. According to these parameters, you will be able to choose from existing factory models. Italian craftsmen at the client’s wish can perform installation and adjustment of the doors.

ELITE MOBILI, C&C di Luca Cassiani – direct deliveries form Italy !!!