Chandeliers made in Italy

Ordering Italian furniture in modern style, many customers are interested in additional accessories for room’s decoration. These include chandeliers and lamps. Each product comes into sale only after the technical check at production. What about design… these goods as Italian furniture, is designed by painters. Annually, in catalogs appear beautiful and original novelties. The lamp is not just an element of decoration. Its destination is much wider. The decorative light will allow emphasizing and creating the emotional image of the interior: lighted curtains, diverse illumination of niches, paintings, aquariums, fountains, lower or higher illumination of distinctive furniture, of the art objects.

The “architectural” light will divide the space in zones. The living room, lounge and kitchen can be decorated with different light sources with different density and color temperature. Use directional light devices, ceiling lights, backlighting. Power conductive systems are very functional. The lamps placed on the rails changes their place and the direction of the light flow. It allows creating a lot of bright drawings.

We make delivery from Italian factories; conclude contracts with well-known producers, but also with small studios and factories. This allows us to offer our customers, what many competitors do not have – diversity. Let’s be honest – the buyer cannot be amazed with the price or quality. A lot of people are ready to pay more for just one position – exclusivity and the compliance of personal taste. Look at the models on our site! What do you see? Here are presented the most diverse solutions – complicated geometric shapes, curved lines, massive and lightweight models with transparent, colored or matt ceiling.

Elite Mobili performs pre-shipment control, which guarantees that it will ship the ordered item.