Street and garden furniture for outdoor – made in Italy

Creating outdoor furniture is one of the designers” favorite directions. Italian designers are successful in this field. On our website is presented Italian furniture for …, holiday house, bungalow, veranda, mansard, open areas for rest in the yard, swimming pool, etc. Due to the unusual design, the different shapes, the high comfort and the excellent practical characteristics of wicker furniture patterns have begun to appear more and more often in the apartments and holiday houses. It will become a real decoration of the house; will show the exquisite taste of the owners. Exclusive models could be placed in the office or bank”s anteroom; it”s an amazing option to create a positive image. Owners of holiday houses have much appreciated the advantages of European marquees instead of standard awnings – it is modern, beautifully decorated and does not close the image…


In the “Luxury” series has entered a lot of interesting models:

  • Sofas, couches, ottomans for rest outside;
  • Armchairs, including lounge chairs;
  • Swings;
  • Beds for sleeping;
  • Tables for tea and lunch;
  • Armchairs, folding bed and other furniture for swimming pool.
  • Alcove garden and awnings.

Sizes, shapes, and colors can be chosen for any taste and requirements of the customer. There is the possibility to sell the custom-made models.


Factories propose a collection accessible by price. However, among the Italian producers there are craftsmen for the production of original and ecological garden furniture. And if you prepare for the summer, then you should choose a lounge chair. For lovers of original shapes of garden furniture an ideal object of the exterior will be the sun bed or the hammock.

   If the hammock does not seem to be a convenient solution then you draw attention to the swing beds. They can be in the shape of a sofa or even a large bed.

Those who have a phobia to open spaces or simply want something more comfortable will love funny things in the form of bird nests or butterfly cocoons. These may be completely enclosed “chambers” or suspended armchairs, being closed only the back and lateral sides

  • Chairs, armchairs and folding beds;
  • Table + chairs sets;
  • Stationary sun beds and awnings for rest at the pool;
  • Benches with more places and soft lining.
  • Awnings and marquees;

This series shows comfortable summer furniture combining simplicity, ease, and modern style.


A more budget is sets of artificial rattan. This synthetic material is produced from an ecological and hypoallergenic polymer. After its appearance, artificial rattan is very close to the natural rattan, and after durability it even exceeds it.

The Medium Series is the production line for practical people but who appreciate comfort. There are individual beds (for one person), armchairs, etc., intended for the reception of guests outside. If you do not want to stay all day in the room, we offer you the best assortment of original furniture produced in Italy. We make direct deliveries from factories. We guarantee high-quality materials and assure professional assembly.

By purchasing furniture, many of our fellows are struggling with various difficulties.

In the case with our partners, this aspect is solved by pre-shipment verification. At the beginning is made the verification and after that, the order is shipped.

ELITE MOBILI, C&C di Luca Cassiani – furniture made in Italy !!!