Office furniture made in Italy

The office interior design is largely determined by corporative culture and is one of the decisive factors of fruitful work of employees. A large room, provided for the organization of several dozens of jobs, must be divided by the number of employees. Only furniture, for sure, will have to be made to order, and the optional option, here are office furniture groups, namely, complex tables with drawers and shelves for two or three people.

How to arrange the office in the “modern” style?

If you are interested in the premium-house option, the best solution will be the Italian furniture without intermediaries from the Elite Mobili catalog. Its description is simple. It is minimalism, simplicity, practicality, supplemented by the perfect European quality and the Italian style. We make direct deliveries from factories, which allow us to have a reasonable price for the final buyer.

So you have to arrange your office or personal office. This usually requires a desk, cabinet or shelves, different consoles, a soft sofa, chairs for collaborators, work tables and coffee, and other Italian furniture.

It is possible not only to sell out of the catalog, but also to make custom design. A bit of creativity and nothing will hinder you.

We are ready to consult you in the following spheres:

  • Optimal shape and ergonomics;
  • Questions regarding individual comfort;
  • Choosing the range of colors and contrasts;
  • Articles gaskets and office planning.

You just need to send us your plan and the size of the room, the photography of the current interior. Based on the data obtained, the model will be developed. This service will save you time and money.

The quality:

For more than ten years, our team has been activated in this field, selling the products of the Italian furniture enterprises. All our European partners have quality certificates.

An equally important moment is the pre-shipment verification.