Bedroom furniture made in Italy

Comfort and a relaxing atmosphere is what we need in the bedroom. If it’s possible it is desirable to avoid the temptation to arrange in the bedroom the workplace with computer. The interior of the bedroom must be as close as possible to the owner”s habits. You, not fashion, must decide whether you like the heavy baldachin or stucco ceilings, or a podium – bed with orthopedic mattress. For this, modern Italian furniture without intermediaries is welcomed in the “modern” style.

In the catalog are presented three series:

  • Premium Luxury;
  • Elite style, the name of which explicitly describes this class;
  • Medium practical.

We organize the delivery from Italian factories from the manufacturer, that is, directly from the factories in Italy.

  • Sets for complete room furnishing;
  • Separate elements;
  • Turnkey bedroom (includes not only furniture, but also the door, the floor, stylish chandeliers).

The furniture from Italy enjoys success in many countries, and there are good reasons for this. First of all it’s about excellent quality and firm style. Working with us, you will receive all these goods without the huge, traditional addition to salons. We are one of the few companies from Italy that work without intermediaries. We are known, and respected by our partners and customers. We have a market experience of more than ten years. All furniture sold is certified and meets the standards in force. For its production are used only qualitative, safe materials complying with ecological and sanitary-hygienic standards.

ELITE MOBILI, C&C di Luca Cassiani – direct furniture delivery from Italy to your region!!!