Rest area furniture made in Italy

ELITE MOBILI Company delivers Italian furniture without intermediaries to decorate the resting area of ​​your apartment or home. These can be sofas, armchairs, chairs, coffee tables, bedside tables, couch and ottomans.

All the articles that you see in the catalog are Italian furniture, which we deliver directly from factories.

In Italy there is a true cult of quality, beauty, aesthetic perfection for furniture. Producers compete with each other, which can create the most elegant design, proposing the most original idea. Modern style greatly widens the boundaries for the creators of these ideas.

  • We offer direct deliveries of excellent products from the top brands in Italy.
  • The elaboration of the projects – creation design of interior elements;
  • It is possible to work in “turnkey” apartments or houses. We will create the interior, executed in contemporaneous modern style, which will be unique and unrepeatable.

Over ten years of activity we have executed a lot of orders from private and corporate clients. We are appreciated in the ex-Soviet space!!!

There are several reasons for this:

  • Affordable price due to work without intermediaries;
  • Searching and choosing the exclusive original furniture;
  • Safe check before delivery, which excludes the purchase of scrapped goods;
  • Warranty for purchased products;
  • Verification of the delivery of your order.

We have the possibility not only to sell ready-made design solutions, but to develop new ones. If you are interested only in a stylish exclusive with furniture delivery, please contact us. You will be consulted and you will be offered different options. We also have talented designers, who will easily transform your idea into reality. After that, the layout will be sent to the manufacturer, who will make the details and will forward them to us for further delivery and assembly.

Furniture made in Italy – ELITE-MOBILI.COM